Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas Finish

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Hi friends! Snowing!
I though i would show my new followers the finish of the quilt in the header..
All my old follower have seen it a lot, but a few new ones said something about loving the header so here it is.
I love it, just hate it you only use it around Christmas.
Have a wonderful day friends.
I am going to watch it snow from inside.
Not broken bones that way.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Another block

Hi friends!
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I am cutting out 5 inch squares to make triangles for my next block, this one will be red and blue.
I am using my stach so i want have to buy more fabric.
I counted how many of each i need and made a list.
Haven't got all of them made yet but working on it.
Every one that has made a swoon quilt  in blog land uses different fabric for each block.

I want to thank any new followers for joining in the fun.
On this blog i just make  quilt's for our beds.   We need them too.
I will see one i just love and then make it for us.
Hope you enjoy my life in quilts.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog Hop

Hi friends!
We are having a great blog hop!
"Grow Your Blog hop"
It is being run by   Here   "two bags full" blog.
I am having a give away on my other blog   Here  "wont to be quilter"
Help us grow our blog and make new friends and have a great time a lot of blogs are having giveaways so be sure not to miss out !!
I am a 72 year old great grandmaw from Georgia and use this blog to talk about quilt's i make for us.
Have a great time visiting all the blogs


Hi friends!
This is the way it was but i hung it up on the wall yesterday and saw what i had done wrong.
Three sides are right but the left side is backward.
I took it apart last night and put it back together.
Looks better now!!!
Talk to you again Monday.

Monday, January 20, 2014

First block

Hi friends!
60 degress today!
I love the way this star looks!  It is a hard to make block without the pattern , but i don't have that kind of money to buy every pattern i want so i did the best i could and worked on it two afternoons
This is the finish!!!!  Just need about 5 more and i think i will border it with some thing.
It measures nearly 30 inches , 6 of them should just about cover the top of our queen bed.  I don't know whether i will sash it are not.
I think i will make another next weekend out of  some brighter fabric !
This is closer and you can see the beautiful fabric that i made it out of. This is lacking the last rows to finish it in the photo.  It's hard to tell but it's brown and yellow!!!  I think i took some off an turned it around after i took this picture. 
If you don't like ripping out seams , you had better not be a quilter.
Have a great sewing day , friends.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I have started my first block, first i print off a picture so i can figure out how to make it.
I could buy the pattern but mostly i just look at the picture and make it from block of fabric.  I have bought some and i have won some but not this one so come along with me and watch how i make it.
I will tell you the next post who sells it  so maybe you can get you one.
Have a great day friends.