Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Been Quilting

Hi friends!
I spent a good bit of time last week quilting on this before Friday.
Thought at that time i would finish it last weekend but Friday we got a call that Kim had a bad fall at work.
At first they though it was just a big hole in her leg but x-rays showed lots of fractures on her pelvic bones.
A machine had pinned her and it cracked 5 places with one all the way through.
Yesterday they operated and put a big screw in her and said she would have a long time healing.
We were wore out so are staying home today and tomorrow because we have to make arrangements for Hubby's cat scan so he can have that finished in time for his DR. apt.
I am going to try to can some tomato's today!
Have a good one

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting Ready to Quilt

Hi friends!
Though I would see if i liked it using light blue thread. I didn't. So i will change it today to white to quilt the white spaces. But in this picture it looks o k.
I have some variegated that i might try on the red and blue parts
I ordered some Peony Garden that might work at least on the red! I have never tried variegated before , It would work better in a heavily colored quilt i think.
 Started on bibs yesterday for two grands that are expecting, The babies , ones a girl and ones a boy.
Two bibs so far. Next time we go to Rome i am going to the Stitchery ,our closest quilt shop and look for something for baby things. Always a excuse for buying more pretty fabric.
Have a good one

Monday, August 22, 2016


Hi friends!
I got this sandwiched on Sat.
I need to iron it today.
It didn't take long and when i finished Sis came over to stay a while so i didn't do any thing else. Didn't sew yesterday either.
That's why i need to sew today!
I should have finished this yesterday but just sat around and read.
I finished one of the "bones" books . Two more to read, sis brought over 4 hard back books that so far are some i hadn't read.
If Hubby goes out to cut grass i an going to do a deep clean to the living room. Move every thing and sweep and mop under it
Then tomorrow i start putting .up tomato's , they are so small right now hubby calls them "hickory nuts"
It takes forever to work up those litt6le maters!
Have a good day

Friday, August 19, 2016

Making Backing

Hi friends!
I spent a long time yesterday finding fabric to sew together to make the backing. Then i sewed it together in a way to fit this quilt.
I had a big piece of real light green and some light blue so i cut the blue up to sew around the green.
Sewed it together on my feather weigh so i now have a back for My Friend's quilt.
Maybe this week end i will get it sandwiched  to gather.
Have a great week end friends

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quilt Top!

Hi friends!
That's the last one of the sashings and squares.
I didn't think it would look right with the blue right next to the blocks so i use a little over one inch border of the red.
Looks O K .
Then i did a 2 inch border of the blue.
Now i need to find backing for it so i can sandwich it.
I will look to see if i have anything that would work with it and enough of it !
Most of mine are smaller cuts than what you need to use for backing.
Have a Good one

Monday, August 15, 2016

Nearly a top!

Hi friends!
Got my last three blocks done!
Joined them!
Pinned them on.
Love how it looks! I need to add the corner squares and sashing to the bottom.
I am thinking two small borders because i don't have enough fabric left to do big ones.
Show that to you next time, i hope!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friend's quilt

Hi friends!
I made two more blocks to go with the one i had already made and put them together and sewed them on.
Then i put the sashing on the bottom but its still not big enough so i will have to make three more blocks this week end to get it the right size.
See it's just not there yet. It's wide enough but not long enough.
I am undecided about a small border.  I guess i will decide when i finish the top. At lot will depend on how much fabric i have left of the red and blue.
Have a good week end

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Good Friend's Quilt

Hi friends!
The only sewing i have done all week is this last night.
Now it's wide enough with one more row down and the sashing.
But i know it needs at least one more row maybe two.
The final sashing on the sides but i may do a border , maybe!
I will try to get the next three made and added to see how it looks.
But it's getting there now.
Have a good one

Monday, August 8, 2016

For My Friend quilt

Hi friends!
Over the weekend i laid out the four i put together plus the three i had made this weekend to see what more i needed,
I love this secondary pattern.
I think 5 more blocks would do it and right now i have two more sets of the block that makes one block made just need 3 more and finish making them and putting them all together.
It takes a while to make each block! So many pieces!
Each one is a pain to make and it takes 4 for one block.
I have put white from "one nut and many bolts" and some Hancock fabric that they wouldn't let me buy but 2 yards and now i am adding these to the mix.
It makes it easier to make the hard part of the small block. You still have to trim them but still saves some time.
I am enjoying making these !

Friday, August 5, 2016

Not named quilt

Hi friends!
I finally got 4 done so i though i would start putting it together.
I am loving how it's looking!
Can't wait to get this top made.
It's going to be beautiful!
I made one more block last night and i don't know how big i want it to be so i will make a few more and join them and see what i have.  This is going to be a lap quilt or small twin one.
Hope your week end is great

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Next Block

Hi friends!
My third block!
What i see in my mind is this with saching and a bigger square making a pattern of three on each corner.
As soon as i get my forth star made it will show more of how i want it to look.

Got this this morning in the mail. The first magazine from Missouri Star.
Lots of expensive things in here.
I ordered some of the new thread that they are selling now. Haven't used it yet but will this weekend when i quilt my other blog quilt.
Show it to you.
That was on sale for 99 cents.
Of course i added to the order.
Can't just order a 99 cent order.
Have a good one

Monday, August 1, 2016

Next block

Hi friends!
I got another block made but it was a rushed weekend.
I made a uh-oh yesterday and didn't have time to fix it until a few minutes ago.
I will show you.
See I cut my outside corner squares to small!
So i had to go back this morning and fix it, also cut a bunch of the correct size.
These take a while to cut and put together because of all the pieces.
But i am still loving the finished block. Don't think it will  be a large quilt. planning on a  lap sized.
I gave Kim her "pinkaliscis" quilt yesterday that i made on here.  She loved it, loves anything pink.
It was just big enough for her a "my very own quilt". The other one i made a while ago for her and Richard both.
Have a good one