Monday, August 1, 2016

Next block

Hi friends!
I got another block made but it was a rushed weekend.
I made a uh-oh yesterday and didn't have time to fix it until a few minutes ago.
I will show you.
See I cut my outside corner squares to small!
So i had to go back this morning and fix it, also cut a bunch of the correct size.
These take a while to cut and put together because of all the pieces.
But i am still loving the finished block. Don't think it will  be a large quilt. planning on a  lap sized.
I gave Kim her "pinkaliscis" quilt yesterday that i made on here.  She loved it, loves anything pink.
It was just big enough for her a "my very own quilt". The other one i made a while ago for her and Richard both.
Have a good one

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