Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Still looking for borders

Hi friends!
Since Monday i have looked and looked for some thing in my stash to make a small border.
This morning i woke up with the answer.
This yellow didn't do it for me either.
This is more fabric i found but didn't like!
I like this with it better than any thing else i own. but when i woke up i thought, a really small yellow border and then add this back. That would high light the sampler blocks!
So that's what i am going to try!
Have a good one

Friday, March 25, 2016

Trying to Find a Border

Hi friends!
This looks OK next to the grey but it doesn't go with the blocks that much! In this picture it kinds looks Ok.
I think i will have to buy some thing to finish ! On the Internet it's hard to find just the right fabric to match because some times the colors are different when you get them.

I tried to find some thing else from the stash but i don't have a thing.
That is the best i could find.
I will keep looking!
Have a great Easter weekend

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Aunt Eddie's Quilt

Hi friends!
I added the last row to Aunt Eddies quilt..
I laid out some fabric that i had a large amount of but this is the closest i could get to some thing that went with it.
I am not real happy with this choice but it has grey in it. It picks up a little bit of the other colors. I may be able to find some thing better but i laid out 4 or 5 and none went as well as this. I may have to add one side and see if i like it.  I can always rip it back out. It may just be to busy!
Well i will look some more and maybe add one side! wish me luck

Monday, March 21, 2016

Three Rows Together.

Hi friends!
Some of my blocks were larger so i did less in the saching to fit them in on the third row.
Love the multi-colors in this one and the grey!  I even have some Christmas fabric in it. Worked on it Sat afternoon , because Sis came over on Friday and stayed until supper.  Of course i was cleaning so she didn't interrupt sewing.  That's what i must do this week because of the Easter dinner this Sunday.
But hopefully i will get in some sewing each day.  Spring Cleaning! 
One day i must buy some chocolate eggs maybe the Dr. day
Have a good one

Friday, March 18, 2016

Working on Aunt Eddies Quilt

Hi friends!
I started putting together my top yesterday. Decided on the grey for a change.
Did two rows and then added them together.
I think i may like this! I have planed on using a different color for months now , guess i just love white but i am  going to do this again.
This is where i quit for the day. Ready to add the next row of blocks when i get them sewed together. This is cleaning day and i don't mean just my sewing room.
I wanted to show you my next small quilt.
Don't know when i will start this with 4 quilts going on at the same but i will!!
Have a good weekend

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All my blocks , I hope!

Hi friends!
This is Hayes corner!

This is a cute block and would make a great dark quilt.
I laid them out to see how many i need.

With saching this may be big enough. I laid out different fabric's to see what i liked with it.
This is the grey, i like white for some reason with every thing, just trying to change, i see lots of dark quilt that i just love but i always lean to white.
I like this and i have plenty, found it at a resale shop, i think it's three yards.
I am thinking that the grey might be best , just looking at the pictures. It changes what you see when you take a picture of it. So i guess I will go with grey!
Have a wonderful day

Monday, March 14, 2016

Next to the last block!

Hi friends!
This block is called "Austin"
After i made that block i laid them out to see how many more i need, just had one hole so i am getting  close to a top.
Maybe i will get it put together this week.  I am debating on what to use between each block! I have some grey and some white. and solid red. I may lay it out with them to see how it would look. I bought the gray for this purpose a while back.
Sis and I went to a small quilt show Sat. here is a picture of  a few.
Some amazing quilts and most of them hand quilted. I saw friends that i worked with for years but didn't know that they  quilted. Of course i have just been doing it for close to 5 years and hadn't worked there since 1994.
That dress quilt.far left, had loose arms sewed down on both ends and the top of the  skirt was open and lose over the under skirt.
I had gone to a show in another close town but they only person that talked to me was my niece and her mother so this was a peasant surprise. I did miss Freda that i wonted to see , she had come earlier
Until Wednesday!
Have a good one

Friday, March 11, 2016


Hi friends!
This is the Dolly Madison star.
Isn't that pretty?
I made the last block over.
Here that is and then i made it different.

Looks good like this to! Sort of like a Jacobs ladder.
I like playing with things.
I made another red and white block to. I have way too many projects in the works.
The disappearing nine patch is to busy for what i want so i am changing it to.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Unknown Block

Hi friends!
Dawn had this block on her blog yesterday,    HERE  , she didn't know what it was called.  I don't like what i made it out of so i may do it again today in different colors.
I should have checked to see how much of the pink i had.
I may have time later to check and see if i can find the name of this block.

I printed off her picture so i could do it by looking at it.
We have been working in the yard so i haven't gotten much sewing done. We raked the front of the house  yesterday! I raked behind the house today and hubby is raking in the pines, Just to help him but he would rather do it himself and spend the day doing it.
He loves the outside.
I love to make quilts , he doesn't understand why i love that.
Glad i have this blog and all the friends that love to quilt to!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Sunlight And Showers

Hi friends!
Next block is "sunlight and Showers".
I love this block!  May have to make more of these.  They are simple , just have to lay it out right.
I have a lot of different colors for my blocks in this quilt. I will lay it out later today and see if i made enough to make a big lap quilt yet. If not you will see another block later this week.
Have a good one

Friday, March 4, 2016

Another Block

Hi friends!
Next block is a Saw Tooth Star.
It has a pin wheel center but it's a star block!
I have used every color I could find! Will lay them out this weekend and see if they will make a large Lap quilt but i may have to make a few more. I've used different colors in just about every block.
On my quilt wall!
I made a few more blocks but didn't feel like making much because we spend the morning at the Dr.s
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Next Block

Hi friends!
My next block is called the hour glass.
A funny looking block!
But it will do for a sampler quilt that i am making and i still like a few more blocks to make a big lap quilt. for my other Aunt who's health is not good.
Have a good one