Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Unknown Block

Hi friends!
Dawn had this block on her blog yesterday,    HERE  , she didn't know what it was called.  I don't like what i made it out of so i may do it again today in different colors.
I should have checked to see how much of the pink i had.
I may have time later to check and see if i can find the name of this block.

I printed off her picture so i could do it by looking at it.
We have been working in the yard so i haven't gotten much sewing done. We raked the front of the house  yesterday! I raked behind the house today and hubby is raking in the pines, Just to help him but he would rather do it himself and spend the day doing it.
He loves the outside.
I love to make quilts , he doesn't understand why i love that.
Glad i have this blog and all the friends that love to quilt to!


  1. nice looking block my friend. glad you could figure it out from that. I had tried before to find the name but couldnt.
    good luck