Monday, November 30, 2015


Hi friends!
This is one of the baskets i made for Tatum for her birthday.
This is the other!
I made her a zip pouch to but didn't get a good picture.
What do you give them they have every thing.
She was driving her daddy's jeep Friday when they came for Thanksgiving.
She has one and so does her brother.
Don't know how they make all those payments!
She is in the eleventh grade, takes college classes , works at the theater that she loves producung play and playing in them and has a job at Chickfila!
I wish i had her energy!
I will post picturers of Thanksgiving later this week.
Have a good one

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Hi friends!
Hubby took me out to red lobster today for my birthday!
We love the sailor's platter!
Look at our lovely mountains!
They are red and brown and green this time of year. We live in a valley between two mountains.
One is Taylor ridge and the other is Sand mountain. That is not what they are called but it's what we call them.
Our new High school.
It's much bigger then it was before.
A great place to live!
I am not quilting right now but will talk to you next week, after two days of thanksgiving dinners.
Have a great Thanksgiving

Monday, November 23, 2015


Hi friends!
Got it sandwiched but really don't like the backing.  It catches every thing!
So now i will be looking for fabric to back it with and undo all i did.
Right now i may have to put it up until after Thanksgiving and work on it next week.
Naturally i am wanting to start the next one.
I am thinking about a ribbon star quilt next for my third Aunt.
Gave My Aunt Betty Jo hers today and she cried.
She starts chemo next week. Please pray for her , she is my youngest Aunt on my mother's side and just 8 years older than i am.
Have a good one

Friday, November 20, 2015


Hi friends!
I laid this out, then decided to put the last row on the bottom.
I like this better!
Sewed it together and now it waits to be sandwiched.
Finished !

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Three rows and counting

Hi friends!
I added one more row! Made another up but them had to rip it out so that's where i am right now!
Finished making my dish clothes, i now have four and sis has one. Pretty good from just one skein of yarn. I will be looking for some more of this yarn , just hope Walmart carries it.
Got to get my forth row sewed back together. It's amazing what one block that is a little bigger can do to a whole row.
Just like adding one more row and then i will see if it's the size i want it to be.
Raining here but so far the wind isn't as bad as they said it would be. But it's slowed down so we may get a lot of rain.
Hav a good one

Monday, November 16, 2015

Two Rows

Hi friends!
I laid them out to see if i thought it would be the size i wanted.
With white running between each block so it looks like the star's are floating i think it will be just right.
The first row!
All i got done this weekend was these two rows, we had a lot of company Sat. so didn't get a whole lot of Christmas sewing done either.
Alisha spent the night with us Sat. might, we were going to sew but had company instead.
She met Clair and Lola and the next time they come over they will be looking for her!
She had them wriped around her finger by the time they left.
Clair wanted to spend the night so she could stay with Alisha.
Alisha is our baby grand daughter. I didn't get any pictures because i had put my camera some where and didn't find it until Sunday afternoon.
Her mother is my daughter.
Have a great one friends.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Last two blocks

 Hi friends!
My last two blocks !
I will start putting them together Today. But Sat. and Sunday afternoon are for Christmas sewing.
I have a lot to do and not many weekends to do it in.

I bought two of these a few years ago and the deeper pink has been blooming ever since but this is the first time this one has. They bloom most of the winter, so i am looking forward to pictures of them blooming in the snow..
Of course the weatherman saying we are going to get a lot of snow usually means we want get any.
Stay warm this weekend, their is a cold North wind blowing out their today.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Stars quilt.

Hi friends!
Got back on my computer!
It's bad when you have two computers and both mess up.
I had downloaded windows 10 on both and on my laptop it decided not to let me back in.
Would not take my password at all. But i did get my desk top fixed so i am back in business.
I now have ten of the twelve blocks that i think will be all i need to make a good sized lap quilt.    
These eight plus the other two!
Should be a flimsy soon.
Have a good one

Monday, November 9, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

Stars Quilt

Hi friends!
I now have six of these pretty stars.
You know i love making stars, put at least one in each of my grand kids Quilts.
I had to buy some white today to last me until Missiour Star gets my order to me. Hopefully by the first of the week.
I am going to make some more because i will need at least 12 maybe 16!  I really haven't measured them yet.
It will be a large lap quilt.
I have always wanted to make a all stars quilt so maybe this will be it.
It's for my Aunt that battled breast cancer at age 85 and will be 90 her next birthday, cancer free.
When i get finished i will mail it to her and warn her daughter that it's on it's way.
Have a good one

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Quilt

Hi friends!
I had hoped i could use up the extra blocks i made for my good night irene quilt but didn't really like this one.
I made up some 2 1/2 inch squares into 16 patch blocks and made them into these! I like these.
No wonder i have so many extra blocks laying around.
This quilt will be a lap quilt for another Aunt , one that has fought cancer and won!
My third one , the next quilt after this one will go to a Aunt that has health problems.
Next time we go to town i will call my Aunt Jo and see if she is at home.
So i can deliver this quilt.
I didn't have the right number for her  then but we went by there and she wasn't at home the other day. Her daughter is on facebook with me and she sent me her number.
Its is cloudy today , has been since last Sat. and it's is making me not want to do any thing.
Just have to make my self!
Just want to seat and read.
Have a good one

Monday, November 2, 2015

Put the label on

Hi friends!
I added the label to it this weekend.
I added the pictures and now i can't find them.
I was trying to set where they would go on windows 10 and now it want work at all!
I can't find them at any rate.
I think i may call her and see if she is working today or at home.
Have a great day friends.