Friday, May 29, 2015

My Daughter's Quilt

Hi friends!
Time to start sewing them together.
This 4 fit together pretty good.
It gets harder!
We just got back from Tommy's colonscopy and he had a upper G.I. Tuesday but they still can't figure out where he is losing blood.
So we will go back soon so that he can swallow a camera.
At least he has good DR.'s
There are not many can beat Dr. Bowers for being a good family Dr.
He cares about his patients.
Have a great weekend friends.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Daughter's quilt

Hi friends!
This is  almost how Daughters quilt will look , i hope!
Of course it will have a white background after i sew together all 8 points of the star.
I may replace one of the points , just have to wait and see how it goes together.
Hubby plowed the garden Sat and got rid of the weeds.
Then re- plowed  Monday morning and it started raining Monday afternoon, suppose to rain all week.
At least it's a small garden this year.
Have a great day friends.

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Daughter's Quilt

Hi friends!
I have been cutting strips for the next set of stars.
Yesterday i decided i needed a large basket to store all my fabric that i am using with this quilt. So i made me one.

It's bigger than the ones i have been making.
Just right!
It holds all eight fabric , every thing but my white.
Have a wonderful weekend friends.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My daughter's quilt

Hi friends!
I think this quilt wants to be a 6 point star!
I may replace the first one i made to make it just like the rest, i will just wait and see
You can tell that one doesn't have the same pattern as the other three..
We stopped by Hunters and got us some tomato's Monday.
Also squash, A watermelon, strawberry's and me some plums.
This one was very good!
Things are very high right now because they truck them from Fla.
Pretty soon we can get local and maybe the priece will go down.
Have a great day friends.

Monday, May 18, 2015

My daughter's quilt

Hi friends!
First point of the Texas star quilt that i am making for my daughter.
This will be a queen sized quilt with eight points to the Texas star. Seven  different colors of blue and one of black.
She and I went to the quilt show last year and the quilt she wanted she was going to buy me the pattern until she priced it !
It was 75 dollars , just for the pattern !
So she chose this one later of all the quilts that she saw.
A shades of blue Texas star !
I have bought blues at Jo Ann's and two times at connecting threads to get up enough to make it and ordered the white from Craftsy.
And it's true what they say!  Starch! Starch! starch!
Makes all the difference in the world.
Her birthday is the eight of next month so wish me luck in getting it done by then.\
Have a great day friends.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Finish

Hi friends!
Its done!!!!!
I finished sewing the binding on last night.
I love that pattern and would make it again.
My next quilt will be a Texas lone star for my daughter's birthday.
 Glad i keep going until i liked the border and finished it the way i wanted it!
I did flowers around the white parts.
I may put a little more quilting in it later but going into the washer now.
Have a great day friends.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nearly finished!!

Hi friends!
I got back to my quilting yesterday, hoping to finish this quilt so i can start on my daughter's birthday quilt.
I would quilt a while and then take a break and repeat  all afternoon until i was close enough to spread it out on the bed to see how much i liked.
I made up my hem and ironed it so it was ready!
I started sewing it on, when i had to stop to cook supper.
Baked beans and fried potato's with tomato and vidalia onions and corn bread.
You can tell we love our viladia's around here, it's the only onion Tommy can eat because they are very mild and sweet.
Have a great day friends.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Gracie's Birthday party

Hi friends!
 This weekend was mother's day so i did no sewing at all!
That's unusual for me.
My sweet step daughter brought me some flowers and came to see me.
You have heard me talk about her on my blogs , i call her red Haired girl.
My son text me and then sent me a gift card, My  daughter and  i got to spend some time together Sat. at Gracie's birthday party.  She ask me what i wanted and i said nothing because i have every thing i need. I thought she would come down Sunday but her daughters did something for her!
My daughter  has lived for her kids and works like a dog so they can have the things they need.
She has done a great job of raising them by her self.
We had a great time at her birthday party. catching up with each other.
Her father Eli!    He was lighting the candle, she turned 6 yearsa old.
The whole family was there except for Cody , Tucker's father.
There's my Baby!
Have a great day friends.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Our Friday

Hi friends!
Quilting my disappearing hour glass quilt.
Then i turned it over and took out some stitches!
Been playing with my new toy!
I love this little sewing machine, very basic.
I wanted some  thing that was metal and not plastic!
Plastic tears up much to often.
Plus we are planting a small garden , smaller than we usually plant.
Yesterday we added bush beans to our squash and snow peas.
Of course we planted tomato's and peppers.
Today hubby will be cutting grass and i will be sewing.
Have a great weekend .

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quilting time

Hi friends!
A great day!
My borders are on!!!!!
Now maybe i can quilt it and it will be finished. I have been working on this quilt at least 2 months.
I have finished two at the same time it has taking me to nearly finish this one!
I can't wait to get it on our bed.

Yesterday before Supper, this is the south remember, i finished ironing it and it's ready to quilt, i hope.
maybe it will be smooth sailing from now on.
I am loving it again.
It should be plenty big enough for our queen sized bed.
Have a great day friends.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Hi friends!
I got my top border done  on Sat.but we had company yesterday so didn't get much of any thing done.
It's about time to sit on the porch in the mornings. Tommy went out on the front porch this morning and came back in. Low sixties, still just a little bit cool. 
The wind blows up our hill and it was to cool for him.
We went to town for gas for the tractor , loan mower and tiller this morning.
Tommy wants to till the garden today, he tills it a couple of times before he plants.
I've got to get the borders on this quilt so i can start on my daughter's birthday quilt soon.
Hope you have a great day friends.

Friday, May 1, 2015

This and That

Hi friends!
I made the borders for both sides and sewed them on yesterday.
I am liking this much better.
Thanks Lea Anne!  Here  She does beautiful work! You need to visit her blog and see!
What is that song 'with a little help from our friends?
She was the one that suggested that i border it like this. Just this floral fabric by itself didn't come out looking like i had in my mind so i was ready to throw it out until she suggested this, it makes a world of difference
This is the other side of the quilt, maybe i can get the top and bottom done and iron this baby and start quilting this weekend.
Made hubby soup this week, he loves it but i have been making soup for 50 years so i made me some chicken and dumplings.

Chicken and dumplings don't show up to good does it but it sure was good!
I did it the easy way cooked the chicken breast and cut up frozen biscuits and rolled them in flour and dropped them in.
Have a great weekend friends