Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My daughter's quilt

Hi friends!
I think this quilt wants to be a 6 point star!
I may replace the first one i made to make it just like the rest, i will just wait and see
You can tell that one doesn't have the same pattern as the other three..
We stopped by Hunters and got us some tomato's Monday.
Also squash, A watermelon, strawberry's and me some plums.
This one was very good!
Things are very high right now because they truck them from Fla.
Pretty soon we can get local and maybe the priece will go down.
Have a great day friends.


  1. The colors in the star are very pretty. I hear you everything is so expensive. Can't wait until later in the summer when things are fresher and can be purchased locally.

  2. that will be one pretty star quilt. you are just a little quilting machine. rolling them out left and right. you go girl!