Monday, May 11, 2015

Gracie's Birthday party

Hi friends!
 This weekend was mother's day so i did no sewing at all!
That's unusual for me.
My sweet step daughter brought me some flowers and came to see me.
You have heard me talk about her on my blogs , i call her red Haired girl.
My son text me and then sent me a gift card, My  daughter and  i got to spend some time together Sat. at Gracie's birthday party.  She ask me what i wanted and i said nothing because i have every thing i need. I thought she would come down Sunday but her daughters did something for her!
My daughter  has lived for her kids and works like a dog so they can have the things they need.
She has done a great job of raising them by her self.
We had a great time at her birthday party. catching up with each other.
Her father Eli!    He was lighting the candle, she turned 6 yearsa old.
The whole family was there except for Cody , Tucker's father.
There's my Baby!
Have a great day friends.

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  1. How cool to have the family there for the birthday and to also celebrate their mamma.