Friday, October 31, 2014

Our Quilt

Hi friends!
Cloudy nasty day!
A few more of these has been made.
I trimmed and sewed these two together, 2 more and it will cover the bed so i stopped and got some cotton battening for it.
I already have the backing so as soon as i get all the other blocks made  and all trimmed and sewed together it should be a good queen sized but i may add a small border.  There is always some shrinking when you wash it.
I will use this quilt during our thanksgiving dinner and for Christmas.
Yesterday i got out our winter quilt that i made last year.
I had bought a roll of poly from Jo-Ann's and when i got down to the bottom of the roll it was really thick so i saved it and made us a really warm winter quilt.
It's just a layer cake and a couple of fat quarters that i thought worked well with it, and some solid green.
'Little Apples' by Amelia Huey was the layer cake.
Of course we have to have hubby's quilt across his cold feet.
Talk to you next week friends.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Christmas quilt

Hi friends!
 Cloudy day !
Made up six more last night, six more and i will have all the blocks made.
Sewing them together.

I may work on it again this afternoon!
We are waiting on a call about hubby's new glasses, they said 3 or 4 days and it's been over a week.
 I think this will be done before Thanksgiving, at least i hope so.
I got these for a early birthday present and sweet lea Anne
 sent me some more when i won her give away and won a charm pack. Now i have plenty to start another Christmas quilt..
Have a wonderful day friends.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Our Christmas quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!.
This is just four rows!!!
I have two more rows cut out, of course these are not sewed together yet.
I stood in the door and made both of these.
Think after while i will sew them together,  I need to make some more blocks to.
It's going to be a beautiful quilt!!
I need to trim the saching a little before i sew them .
It's going to be a big beautiful  quilt.
I love these blocks
We have been to see a Dr. today .  The story of our life!!!
But we are lucky to be as healthy as we are to be 72 years old.
Have a great day friends.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Christmas Quilt

HI friends!
Beautiful day!
I worked on my Christmas quilt last evening.
It's beginning to look like a quilt!!!
A couple of more rows and i will begin putting it together.
Don't think it will be a Oct. finish.  I would really have to work on it for it to be.
It should be finished before Thanksgiving.
 We went today and got our flu shots and voted for the Nov. elections.
So we are set for right now.
Hope i get some good sewing time this weekend  and get some more done on this quilt.
We were so tired yesterday we just laid around an rested, we will be eating sandwiches for a while after our reunion on wednesday.
\Have a wonderful weekend friends.

Monday, October 20, 2014

work to do

Hi friends.!
Cold today!
I showed you this much on Sat..
I got started and just keep sewing, ran low on blocks so i made some more.
Four more i think!
I want to work on this all the time but have other things i am working on.
Had a 'strange place' on this quilt so i took it apart and need to work on it some more.

I need to work on this one too.
But today is cleaning day!!!!
Have a great one friends! Finally feeling better!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Christmas Quilt

Hi friends!
Another beautiful fall day!
Just a note to let you see what i have done.
I made this but have decided to go with out that extra Christmas fabric.  Will just save it for some border.

So i am going with this setting instead and will pick out the other with the old seam ripper
I like this much better! To me it looks a lot better..   Now to get busy and get some more sewed.
Have a wonderful weekend friends.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Christmas Quilt

Hi friends!
I worked on this Monday afternoon!
I now have 19 or 20 blocks made, only one with the black around it.

I made 4 Monday but didn't work on it yesterday. Fought with my sewing machine all afternoon trying to quilt another quilt. Never had a problem before , hope this machine doesn't give out on me, just had it a year, maybe they all just last a year?

I made this and really like the way it looks.  The name  of this block is 'attic windows' .
I wish i had done more checking , instead i went to a site that does blocks and printed it off there but i have seen some on blogs that made them different and really like them but i will stay with this since i have them all cut out.
Talk to you later friends.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Christmas quilt

Hi friends!
Storms are coming !!!
I just love this block!
It measures 17 by 17 inches.
I haven't made any more blocks because of company.  But hope to get busy to do some more.
I don't know whether i will just sew them together or add something else.
I am leaning toward just sewing them together. I told you all that my sis bought me all the fabric a couple of years ago to make me one like hers but i wanted to make  the one in the header first and had been buying fabric for it.
I don't know who came up with this pattern but it's in all the old quilt books that i have bought .
It's called a window block.  I haven't seen any one else using this block in a Christmas quilt before.
I also want to make a card trick block  quilt one day and several others are on my wish list
They are all old patterns.
Have a wonderful day friends.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Added some more

Hi friends!
What do you think?   Should i go with this?
 It seems to deeper the window to me, don't know whether i have enough for all the blocks and it from 2 years ago so would have a hard time finding more.
I am going to put a slim strip of black around each block  just for contrast.
 I got some more black yesterday, this was earmarked for Brad and D. J.s quilt.
I love this quilt i want to make it right now but have so much more to do.
Got to get busy!
Have a great weekend friends.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hi Friends!
Beautiful fall day!
I made ten of these yesterday.
I love them and when you start you don't want to stop!
They make such beautiful windows!
I saw a quilt with a darker color running down by the red and the green and then the color around. I though about trying to find a darker green to do that.  It seemed to give it more depth.
I plan on putting black around the window unless i find a Christmas fabric that will work.
I still like squaring them all but i will do that when i get all of them made.
I now have 16 made  so that leaves 26 more to finish.
This may be a fast quilt , some of them are !  They seem to take on a life of their on.
The one i made David our youngest grandson went really fast, i think it took me a week.
Have a wonderful day friends.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Christmas Quilt

Hi friends!
Cloudy and cool!
This is the container that i am keeping my cut blocks for my Christmas quilt in and my fabric.
I sewed 6 blocks last week and wondered if i would have enough fabric for all the blocks.
I would need 36 more blocks i know so i started cutting.
This is my six block and my 36 cut pieces for the others.  I had some left over of all the fabric's.
So now i don't have to worry and can just sew.
Sis made her a king sized quilt out of the same fabric two years ago and i loved it but didn't want the same pattern.  So i had been looking for a pattern that i liked every since.
Beautiful fabric!
I love just about all Christmas fabric.
I have seen a few pieces that i wouldn't buy but not many.
 I may just have to sew some on it today!
Have a wonderful day friends.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Attic Windows Christmas Quilt

Hi friends!
Cloudy day!
My' attic windows'!
I am going to use black for the little borders around each window.
Christmas black, Who new!
Of course i may find some Christmas black before i put together the quilt.
This quilt when i get it made will be a large queen sized.
Hope to get it finished by thanksgiving, less than two months , maybe i should just shoot for Christmas. working on two quilts it may not get it done by Thanksgiving.
I will try!!!
Have a wonderful day friends.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Quilt

Hi friends!
I have changed my mind about what to quilt to make on here.  I have that right because i am a woman!
Sis gave me some Christmas fabric for Christmas a couple of years ago and i hadn't found the right pattern for it.
I love that Christmas fabric!
This pattern is called 'the attic window' pattern.
Just wait until you see a few blocks together, you will love it!
All the fabric comes from what she gave me.
I have just made one but will make some more today!
It's that great fabric?
She made a quilt out of the same fabric for her bed a couple of years ago and i loved that fabric.
Have a great day friends.