Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Baby Girl Quilt

Hi friends!
I am still working on my double squares. In the corner of this picture is  some ornaments i made to give as Christmas presents but hated them so i quit working on them. The fabric is ginger bread men but it didn't do it for me. i didn't have enough
 time before Christmas to make more so I am still making  more Christmas ornaments !
I found some Dora scraps that i used to make Clair's big girl quilt last Jan.
The pink heart is scraps from a quilt i made for a baby girl from her great grand mother shirts.
I have scraps coming out my ears so i plan to make some scrap quilts this next year.
I still have two grands kids that are married that i am going to make quilts for this year.
So i am going to make them scrap quilts.
Have a great new years friends!

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Baby Girl Quilt.

Hi friends!
Cutting squares for a pink Baby girl quilt.
I sewed two squares together yesterday and got a good many done. A nice stack so far for the next great grand.
Maybe one day i can make this for a great grand boy but we know that the next one is a girl!
Girls are so sweet so we are always glad to have them.
Some of the grandsons wants a boy and some would love to have a girl, may they get what they want.
We have a lot of grands [24] and only 6 so far are having kids so we will have plenty when the next batch starts having babies.
With that many grands we could easily have a hundred great grands.
Don't think we could buy for that many!
Have a great day friends!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Present quilt.

Hi friends!
You see i finished it before our Christmas party with my kids  on Sat. the 20th.
I hemmed it with the green that was in the quilt.
We bought a sheet from Walmart to back it and it looks a little like Christmas.
This is Amy my daughter-in-law looking at the pillow shams that i gave her for her Birthday[ Jan. 6] I think.
That matches the quilt.
This is the other one in king size!
She said 'oh how pretty!'
So i think she liked them!
I know i made it with lots of love!
Have a great day friends.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Present Quilt

Hi friends!
Our bed already for Christmas!
Isn't it pretty?
I made pillow shams to match my Christmas Present quilt.
Made them king sized because they have a king sized bed.
Just a simple envelope back.
Washed it and it ready to give,
Have a wonderful day friends.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Present quilt

Hi friends!
I did some more quilting on this quilt.
And patching the places that were so bad that i took them out.
I hemmed it before i quilted it the last time.  Then i washed it, no sun so i spread it over the bed, all crinkly
One Christmas present done. Have a great weekend friends.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Hi fiends!
Gloomy day1
I started quilting and my machine had a fit!
Broke 3 needles , made a tangled up mess on the back side of the quilt.
I was ready to pull out my hair.
I am still tiring to finish quilting this monster. Hope it's big enough for a king sized bed.
Have to have her ready by Sat.
Wish me luck!
Have a great one friends.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Present Quilt

Hi friends!
I did get my border's on in green to match the saching.
You see it's big, i hope big enough for a king at 95 by 99.  It sure want like much.
It was the devil to try to sandwich on my table on the back porch.
You don't want to hear about my Sunday!!!!!
It was awful, took me hours to get it sandwiched!
I think my table is 60 inches  and this is 95 wide!
At one point i was down in the floor picking up pins where i had dropped them in the floor.
Every thing that could go wrong did!
But i think i won!!!!!!!
At least i hope so.
I will start quilting on it today, it may take a few days because at 73 my arms want hold out to pulling on it for long at a time.
Plus i have two more to quilt to before Christmas.  This one and another by Sat.
Got to get busy friends.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Present Quilt.

Hi friends!
I added the border!
I had bought some Christmas fabric but in putting things up for Thanksgiving i have  lost it some where! So i just used the green to add a 5 inch border.
It measures 95 by 99 now.
It matches every thing any way.
Has a good over hang on all three sides.
Now i have one to be spray basted and finished.
Have a great day friends

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Present Quilt

Hi friends!
I have changed this into this!
It measures 86 by 90 and i plan to add a green border all around and then it will be ready to quilt.
I though i got some Christmas fabric to border it but can't find it so will just use the green.
It will turn up one day!
They have a king sized bed so i may need to add more to the bottom to make sure it's long enough.
This is a queen and it has a nice drape to it.
After the border it will be bigger and should fit a king.
Have a great day friends.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Hi friends!
Cloudy cold day!
Friday night i made some blocks, just in case.
A few!
I think i made six, to use on the side so it would be wider.
They are just so pretty!  I just love making them !  I think i have 20 blocks that will be left over so may have to make my daughter a Christmas quilt to.  I made her one earlier this year but it was sea shore themed.
I have four rows together but those little friendship block at each corner are a pain.

But i love what they do for the quilt.
Have a wonderful day friends.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sewcalgal's Handmade Christmas Challenge

Hi friends!
I just started this on this blog last month.
So i don't have much to enter from all year.  Just this quilt!
I loved doing the Sewcalgal Handmade Christmas Challenge her blog is  Here
I love doing Christmas things, mostly Quilts
This is the latest and it's The 'Christmas present quilt'
It's not finished so i can't enter it!
But it may be a finished flimsy before the 10th.
Couldn't find any Christmas buttons for my ornaments so i got some shiny ones instead.
Have a wonderful weekend friends.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Present Quilt

Hi friends!
Cloudy day!
My present quilt!
I need to get in high speed  to get all i need to finish done by the 20th.
That's when our Christmas with my kids happens.
This is so fidgety i may just two row like this.
That last part is not sewed and is standing up.
Got to get busy!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Present Quilt

Hi friends!
Turned into a beautiful day!
Not much sewing went on during the long week end and no shopping.
I went back and forth on the corner blocks on this and i think i am going with the friendship star to be my corner blocks with the Christmas Present quilt.
This is what i am talking about , this is 3/4 of a friendship star on each corner.  When i get the block on the top it will be a complete star.
That's is as far as i went, Like i said nor much sewing on my long weekend.
Two Thanksgiving dinner here left me very tired but i am recovering.
Maybe i will get a lot of sewing done this week.
Have a wonderful day Friends.