Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Present Quilt

Hi friends!
I did get my border's on in green to match the saching.
You see it's big, i hope big enough for a king at 95 by 99.  It sure want like much.
It was the devil to try to sandwich on my table on the back porch.
You don't want to hear about my Sunday!!!!!
It was awful, took me hours to get it sandwiched!
I think my table is 60 inches  and this is 95 wide!
At one point i was down in the floor picking up pins where i had dropped them in the floor.
Every thing that could go wrong did!
But i think i won!!!!!!!
At least i hope so.
I will start quilting on it today, it may take a few days because at 73 my arms want hold out to pulling on it for long at a time.
Plus i have two more to quilt to before Christmas.  This one and another by Sat.
Got to get busy friends.

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