Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas flimsy

Hi friends!
Cloudy cool!
I finally got all three rows sewed together and it's a great size across but it's not long enough.Maybe i can find some Christmas fabric to make it a little longer.
I turned it crossways but it's shorter that way, just a little.
Well i can make Pillow shams while i think about what to do or look for some great Christmas fabric.
Of course i could make a border of 2 1/2 inch blocks all around it. Or larger?
Not sure if that would make it as long as i want.
Have a great sewing day friends, while i worry with it.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Another row

Hi friends!
Another row of blocks!
All i need id some saching cut and added and i will have a quilt top or flimsy.
I just sprayed and pinned Michaels huge quilt and i turned all the heat off i got so hot.
I have bought the battening for this quilt but i don't know how much i have of what i want to back it with.
I may have to go and buy some.
A big quilt like these takes 7 or 8 yards of fabric for a backing.
Maybe i can find a christmas  king sized sheet some where to back it with.
Maybe soon i will have two pillow shams to show you.
Have a great day friends and a great weekend.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

More blocks

Hi friends.
Cloudy day!
Finished two more of my blocks for my christmas quilt, just like one more plus pillow shams.
That quilt that's on the bed sure did feel good last night.  I made it for us back in the summer.
I am thinking about cotton battening for my christmas quilt, the one on the bed isn't cotton.
but since our christmas quilt want be used but a few month;s each year i think cotton will be fine.
Cotton freezes me!!!
I usually use poly-fil because i think it's warmer.  I buy the extra loft
This is my first quilt!! i used the low loft in it and you can see through it but it's still warm.  We use it all the time in the sun room to cover up.
Have a great week end friends.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Another block

Hi friends!
Beautiful day

Hi friends!
Beautiful fall day!!
I sewed my six blocks together and they look amazing!
So i finished another block, just like two more and will have my quilt finished.
It takes a while to put them together because of all the pieces.
Still don't know whether i will add a border or not, i wanted to but as you can see it hangs way over on both sides of the queen sized bed.
I want get much done the next couple of days , i will be cooking and cleaning all to enjoy some down time with family on Wednesday.
I think i am going to use cotton battening on this quilt, most of them i don't because i like the warmth of poly.
Maybe it will be easier to handle with it so big.  I really don't have a place to spread this out to make a sandwich.  well time will tell. Have a great day. Babs

Sunday, October 13, 2013

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Christmas quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
This is one wide quilt!
Just need one more row and it will be plenty big enough for a queen sized bed.
Don't know how i will ever get this thing quilted.  The bigger they are the harder it is for me to put them together and make a sandwich.
My table that i use just does a twin sized good.
I don't have enough floor  space for even a twin, plus i can't get down on my knees to pin it .
I tried that once and was sore all over and could just barely more the next day!1
 The first one i made i did that and it wasn't even a twin size.  I still use it on my couch just for a cover when i take a nap.
I still think this is going to be a beautiful quilt.
Have a great weekend friends.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Christmas Quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I made another block for my Christmas quilt. That makes 7 out of the 9 that i have to make!
The last picture is a pile of blocks that i put together only to find i had added one side ways and it made it to long.
They are just over an inch between one way or the other.   But now i am taking it apart so i can put it together right! Hopefully i will get it apart tonight and get it together tomorrow
Of course i have to make two more and then two for my pillow shams.
And am thinking about some for birthday presents so i will be making them for a while.
They make great gifts, thanks to Laura Jane for sending the ruler to me.
Have a great day friends!

Monday, October 7, 2013

More blocks

Hi friends!
Beautiful day today!
I finished two more of my Christmas block over the weekend.
So now i have enough to do another row on my flimsy.  It's 3 blocks to a row and maybe some time this week i will get it joined together.
Then i will like one more row, and i am going to make me pillow shams to go with it before i put it on my bed for Christmas.
I have always wanted a Christmas quilt and shams!!
A couple of years ago i bought me and all hubby's girls a Christmas quilt at walmart for 20$ each but it is so cold under that quilt,I don't think they put any batting in it.
You know it was a cheapo!  You can't make a good quilt for 20 dollars.
I tried to put it on our bed but we froze so i put it up.
Have a great days friends.