Saturday, October 19, 2013

More blocks

Hi friends.
Cloudy day!
Finished two more of my blocks for my christmas quilt, just like one more plus pillow shams.
That quilt that's on the bed sure did feel good last night.  I made it for us back in the summer.
I am thinking about cotton battening for my christmas quilt, the one on the bed isn't cotton.
but since our christmas quilt want be used but a few month;s each year i think cotton will be fine.
Cotton freezes me!!!
I usually use poly-fil because i think it's warmer.  I buy the extra loft
This is my first quilt!! i used the low loft in it and you can see through it but it's still warm.  We use it all the time in the sun room to cover up.
Have a great week end friends.

1 comment:

  1. we made a quilt of denim and used no batting. it is the warmest thing EVER! but very heavy to move. I like it because hubby cant "steal blankets" as easily. ha ha
    my son tries to steal it when he comes over.
    used old denim jeans that no longer fit.