Monday, June 12, 2017


Hi Friends!
This is just part of my blocks that I have made but not used.
I should put these together and make a quilt out of them. Doesn't look to promising does it?
I started Kim's quilt!  This may be to big for a repeat pattern. I will just have to see how it finish's. Their is more to this block!
My Rose of Sharon's are blooming.
I lost the one I rooted that came from my house 17 years ago. It died year before last.
But Sis gave me these.
One is the same and the other a lighter shade.
The tiger lily's are blooming all over, I moved these out of the ditch years ago so Hubby wouldn't  mow them down.
That drought last year killed my Hostia. Every bit of it and I had it down one side of the house.
Have a good one


  1. Lots of orphan blocks. Would be fun trying to put it together.

  2. orphan blocks can work so well have you thought about adding some sashing to them? Garden looking colourful, I have some lilies well the greenery but though that has spread allover the place I never get flowers