Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Hi friends!
I just need to go from one corner down to the other corner and then  I can take pictures!
Her Birthday is tomorrow but I want see her on her birthday because she has to work.
This weekend I will give it to her. Maybe I can finish binding this evening.
Hoping her brother can come up Sunday to eat for  her and his  birthday dinner with us. His is the first and her's is the eight of June.
His youngest is in Italy and will be back this weekend some time so he may have to pick her up at the airport Sunday. We will just have to wait and see.
His oldest is in Paris right now , I was worried about him yesterday but he said he was safe.
He was in London when that terrorist attack  happened to.
He is taking classes in three different country's this summer.  More College credits but I wish my grand's were here and safe.
I fully expect us to have that same problem soon with all the people that have been brought into this country with out deep checking!
Have a good one

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  1. Good job getting the binding on. What a great thing to be able to travel when you are young. Prayers for their safety.