Friday, June 2, 2017

Nearly finished

Hi friends!
It is now on the couch waiting for me to sew the binding down!
Her birthday is next week so I have to finish!
I've let every thing else go until I got this far. Now I will bind it every time I sit down which may be a lot because I am dragging.
That four days of running around all the time did a number on me, Tommy says it was the iron!
I was ironing the other day when my new iron shorted under my feet! My sandals has black smoke on them!
The cord had a open place and it got against a drop cord and almost took the lights out!
And me with it!
My sandals saved my life, Haha
Have a great weekend


  1. You didn't tell me you almost electrocuted yourself. You obviously need a new iron. Wow you got that quilted quickly. No wonder you are tired, running, quilting.

  2. what a frightening experience that must have been with the iron. The hand sewing of the binding will give you time to relax and recover from a very nasty shock

  3. wow.....didn't know that could happen! glad you survived