Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Top finished!

Hi friends!
Finally got this sandwiched after having to add to the backing many times . Only to find after I got it sandwiched that I will not only need to add to the backing again but the queen sized battening wasn't big enough either.
So I will add some more of each before I start quilting. Hopefully I can get that done today. Wish me luck because not only to I have a sick Hubby but he has thrown his back out to!!!!


  1. Your quilt is looking great. sorry to hear your having issues with the final steps. Whats a quilt without a good challenge?! Hugs to hubby..poor fella.

  2. Your quilt looks amazing. I think I have a quilt somewhere that I mistrimmed the back and now it is too small. I am sorry Tommy isn't feeling well and he hurt his back to boot.

  3. do hope DH`s back is better soon. What a pain having to add to both batting and backing best of luck

  4. Sorry about DHs back, I know what that feel like. Also have had the backing AND the batting issue. Some days you are the bug, some days you are the windshield! LOL

  5. quilt looks good despite issues. hope hubs feels better soon. poor guy