Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Daughter's Quilt

Hi friends!
Got that row of plus blocks added to the other side.
I am thinking of just one row on each side of 3 inch squares , color then white because it's so long now it really doesn't need to be any longer.
See like this chain of white and colored squares. And then maybe a strip of white and sandwich!
Right now I have one that needs sandwiching and two nearly there., I ordered some more battening but it want be here until next Tuesday if they are right.
I have followed orders going this way and that and taking way to long to get here.
Hopefully this one will get here when they say.
Have a good one


  1. Your quilt is gorgeous. I have had an order that I think is lost. Not too sure if I should call or wait a few more days.

  2. looks great hope the wadding arrives soon, I bought a full roll 120" wide not sure where it went but now need another one only scraps left so making bags which use the car headliner/bosal instead