Friday, February 27, 2015


Hi friends!
I made up all 4 of those blocks yesterday, well i made one earlier but made 3 yesterday.
The pile is getting bigger all the time, it's going to be a beautiful quilt. Maybe i will have time to work on it this weekend. I have been in a cleaning mood so i cleaned all the things on top of my cabinets
Their is a lot of stuff on top of my cabinets, and it was greasy!
So yesterday i tackled my big lower cabinet that had pots and pans that i haven't seen in years in it.
For some reason my camera refused to add those pictures but it took hours to empty and clean it out and clean up all the old pots in the back.
So last night i was wore out!!!
Have a great weekend friends.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blocks and snow?

Hi friends!
We had a long day yesterday on the road but last night i cut and sewed these together. So today i will make them up into 4 blocks, hopefully.
I may spend the day looking out the window if it starts snowing.
They are saying 3 to 6 inches but i am not holding my breathe.

I got these yesterday to try my hand at applique!
I hope they work!  I got them in the kids glue section of the store because Walmart doesn't carry the kind you use in Applique back in the fabric.
Have a great day friends.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Making Blocks

Hi friends!
I made 5 of these blocks last week and now have 16 made up.
These two are much smaller, when i first saw Jenny Doan's video i got some fabric and made a block and it's been hanging on my wall ever since just waiting for me to start the quilt.  Calling my name all the time.
I need at least  16 more to finish up the quilt .
This is not the final way i am going to sew them together.
These  blocks   may go in something else . The red one was just a 'see how i like this' I don't think either one  will go into the final quilt. Maybe a table runner.
A tidy little stack.. Loving it so far!
Have a great day friends.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Miss Brailey's latest

Hi friends!
I made a few extras for Miss Brailey.
Her two burp cloth's! I had never made those before but Dawn did so i looked up a pattern and made some.
Ain't they cute?

And a pretty pouch with a zipper for her things.

. Maybe her mother will need these!
Have a wonderful day friends and a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My blocks

Hi friends!
Cold snowy day!
I made up a bunch of envelope blocks to work on.
Don't know whether i will feel like working on it. Was up all night freezing and  hurting.
Med's must be from China and they are tying to kill me.
It will snow real hard and then the sun comes out. At least it's not laying. Talked to my daughter a few minutes ago. They are going to be off work for the rest of the week due to the strike on the west coast.
Can't get parts!
They are sitting in the harbor because of the strike.
My son and three of my grands and his wife Amy are sitting in a cold house with nothing to heat with but a fire place. I know he always cuts some wood just in case.  Just praying they get the power back on before tonight when the wind chill is suppose to be--15 here and possibly lower where they are.
 Have a great day friends, i am going to take a nap!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Another block

Hi friends.
Well we went to town because Hubby needed pills and to go see Dr. Jeff.  The roads were fine no ice but our "great" weather men are saying icing tonight. So may not leave the house until Wednesday or Thursday.  They are saying near zero in the next few days , hope we don't get ice and lose power.  We will be warm and i have plenty of books to read so we should be ok. We are blessed with Gas heat and our own tank that they just filled up last week.
I made another block yesterday, just to busy with other stuff to get more than that done.
But this year is suppose to be fun so i am taking it slower.
I love making these blocks!

 Think i will make a few more right now!
Have a great day friends.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Disappearing Envelope Quilt

Hi friends!
My fabric that i ordered for this quilt got here yesterday.
There is a shade difference in the brightness but washing may take care of that.  The first i got from Sis and she always washes her fabric.  I don't , can't stand to lose any fabric  and you do when you wash it.
This morning Hubby asked me 'what did you get yesterday?' so i got it out and showed him the fabric and the block. He liked them both.  He said 'you usually show me what you get!' I guess i do almost all the time.
Now maybe i can make more blocks every week and it want take me six months to make this quilt.
I have loved this pattern every since i saw the Jenny Doan Video of her making it!
It's call the disappearing envelope block. You can see it with her other video's on u tube.
This is the first video not the second one , the second one makes a different block , i want to make a quilt from it to one day.
I would have to live to be 150 to make all the quilts i want to make.
Have a wonderful weekend friends.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Quilt

Hi friends.
Beautiful day!
This is my next quilt on here. I ordered some more fabric for it and it's suppose to come today.
That way maybe it want take me months to finish it. My problem is i have two fabric's. Think i want make any more until i get my order and see if i have enough for them made all alike.
You can see the difference in these two fabric's.  This is the one i made earlier and it does look different.  I love them, both ! 
I should get the fabric this afternoon and  then i will make some more.
This  fabric works well with this block but so does the other.
Have a great day friends.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Nanny's quilt

Hi friends!
This is one of my Mother in laws handmade quilts.
All hand stitched, when we first moved here the binding was on but not completed so i , not a quilter then,. just sewed the binding down with my old sewing machine.
We offered the girls each a quilt but one of them wanted their grandparents  breakfast set!
So this one stayed here and i sewed the binding down  so that we could use it.  Hubby wouldn't take nothing for it. It was my suggestion that we give each girl a quilt or something. After  his sis got all she wanted out of here we just had nearly enough room for our stuff.  But just barely!!!!
All the hand quilting on the back is tiny stitches made by her little hand.
She was the sweetest person , lived to be 91 and died a few years ago.  She had Dementica  for years.  She knew we belonged to her but didn't know us.  So you know now why i couldn't ask her about things here when we moved here.
Have a wonderful day friends. Hugs Babs

Friday, February 6, 2015

Allison's Birthday Pillow

Hi friends!
Friday Finish!
I finished this up yesterday , hope she likes it.
I am dong her a surprise to but don't want to show that until after ward. Maybe next week!
Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

working on Allie's pillow

Hi friends!
I finally gave up looking for that fabric and just used this!
I am going to use the pink dot for the back! 
Using up as much of my stash as i can.
Got a long way to go trimming my stash down , between Sis giving me what she doesn't want and the fabric i have bought in over three years i have a pile! 
Should be finished with this pillow and her a surprise by the end of the week.
She turned 17 a few weeks ago.
Got to get busy!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Allison's birthday Pillow

Hi friends!
Cold day in Ga!
I am working on a pillow for our sweet Allison, the second birthday of the year of my grands.
The first Addison or Addie as we call her, i made in December and gave to her because i knew i wouldn't see her until Easter.
Allie should be a model and maybe she will! The quilt i made her was pink and had flower garden blocks that her great grand mother made many years ago.
I put them on both of her [Mother-in-law] Great Grand Daughters quilts.
The hearts are my own design!
I have it wide enough now just have to work on the length.
I made her one pillow for her birthday last year and she said she wanted another this year.
I am looking in my scraps for some more fabric that i used in her quilt.
Have a great day friends.