Friday, February 27, 2015


Hi friends!
I made up all 4 of those blocks yesterday, well i made one earlier but made 3 yesterday.
The pile is getting bigger all the time, it's going to be a beautiful quilt. Maybe i will have time to work on it this weekend. I have been in a cleaning mood so i cleaned all the things on top of my cabinets
Their is a lot of stuff on top of my cabinets, and it was greasy!
So yesterday i tackled my big lower cabinet that had pots and pans that i haven't seen in years in it.
For some reason my camera refused to add those pictures but it took hours to empty and clean it out and clean up all the old pots in the back.
So last night i was wore out!!!
Have a great weekend friends.


  1. Hey, Aunt B! The quilt is beautiful, as always! If you're still in a cleaning mood, feel free to come over any time - lol! Love you!

  2. Your quilt is looking great. I have been doing a wee bit of heavy cleaning here and there too.