Monday, February 9, 2015

Nanny's quilt

Hi friends!
This is one of my Mother in laws handmade quilts.
All hand stitched, when we first moved here the binding was on but not completed so i , not a quilter then,. just sewed the binding down with my old sewing machine.
We offered the girls each a quilt but one of them wanted their grandparents  breakfast set!
So this one stayed here and i sewed the binding down  so that we could use it.  Hubby wouldn't take nothing for it. It was my suggestion that we give each girl a quilt or something. After  his sis got all she wanted out of here we just had nearly enough room for our stuff.  But just barely!!!!
All the hand quilting on the back is tiny stitches made by her little hand.
She was the sweetest person , lived to be 91 and died a few years ago.  She had Dementica  for years.  She knew we belonged to her but didn't know us.  So you know now why i couldn't ask her about things here when we moved here.
Have a wonderful day friends. Hugs Babs

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