Friday, February 13, 2015

Disappearing Envelope Quilt

Hi friends!
My fabric that i ordered for this quilt got here yesterday.
There is a shade difference in the brightness but washing may take care of that.  The first i got from Sis and she always washes her fabric.  I don't , can't stand to lose any fabric  and you do when you wash it.
This morning Hubby asked me 'what did you get yesterday?' so i got it out and showed him the fabric and the block. He liked them both.  He said 'you usually show me what you get!' I guess i do almost all the time.
Now maybe i can make more blocks every week and it want take me six months to make this quilt.
I have loved this pattern every since i saw the Jenny Doan Video of her making it!
It's call the disappearing envelope block. You can see it with her other video's on u tube.
This is the first video not the second one , the second one makes a different block , i want to make a quilt from it to one day.
I would have to live to be 150 to make all the quilts i want to make.
Have a wonderful weekend friends.

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  1. The fabric is very pretty. You and me too, we can live to 150 together!