Thursday, August 31, 2017

Addie's Quilt

Hi friends!
Yesterday I gathered every thing I needed and took it out on our enclosed back porch.
I keep a table set up out there for sandwiching.
I had picked out a sheet for the backing. Light pink!
I figured right quick that there was to much poly in this sheet!
This kind likes to crawl! I used one years ago in one of Kim's quilts and hated it!.
So maybe I will get some muslin next week when we go to Hammers sale for a backing. Not going to finish it this month any way.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Quilt Top!

Hi friendsThis is where I left off!
I cleaned Friday and then Sis came over so didn't get any sewing done  on this until Sunday.
I cut my borders and attached them, just small strips of the black fabric.
I measured and it measures 90 by 96! Should be a good size. A little bigger both ways than the chart says.
After washing it , should be just right.
Nice fall on both sides.
Just right!
Maybe I will have time to sandwich it today but I don't see how I could possibly finish it before Friday so I guess it will be a finish for next month.
Have a good day

Friday, August 25, 2017

Ripping! Addie's Quilt

Hi friends!
See one little square going the wrong way. Had to take out two so I could turn it and sew it back right.
I had one whole row that the blocks were fine but they were all turned on their side!
That was a easy fix just rip the side seams out and sew them back the way they were suppose to be.
Wednesday night I had three rows right and together.
Four rows joined, you have to love big blocks!
Five rows together!
I had already made the row for the border so I cut some strips of black.
One strip added then I cut some more strips.
Got house work to do today but I may take a minute to add another border just like this on the top. Haven't really made up my mind about that yet. it's very long as it is.
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Hi friends!
Got all my blocks made for Addie's quilt but got in to big a hurry and put some hearts up side down!
So now Jack the ripper and I are having a good time.
It's a good thing that I didn't sew any of my rows together!Hugs

Monday, August 21, 2017


Hi friends!
Did some mindless sewing over the weekend so I can join some more blocks together. Plus I made soup!
Haven't felt my best so not a whole lot done.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Kim's Quilt

Hi Friends!
This is mindless sewing!
I made enough to put a few blocks together.
Three across!
I need to make some for the tops and between the next three blocks.
Todayif I can! If not tomorrow
Went this morning and got some field corn to put in my soup. So that will take most of my day today.
I put these up Wednesday.
A couple of years ago a cousin told me to pickle my squash and since I had so much I tried it.
Don't know how it will taste but will try it in about two weeks.
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kim's Quilt

Hi friends!
Didn't have much time to sew yesterday but I made another chain of the sashing. then I picked a block and laid it out with them.
Had to add to the block to square it up!
Not square but closer. The problem is finding the perfect angle to cut. None of my rulers work for that. May have to cut me one out of a old cereal box.
We have spent more money this year in this store than any fabric store ! Over 600 and counting.
John deer is getting old and it takes lots to keep in running. Glad hubby can work on it.
He swears next time he will by a new one!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Quilts and Machine

Hi friends!This is the last block for Addie's Quilt.
Haven't got them all sewed together yet but I did make this for the bottom.
So all the pieces are made to be put together next week. I have my backing and the battening is on it's way. I plan to add a small strip of black this and then another small strip of black.
Yesterday I made the sashing for Kim's quilt. Not all of it just a long line of it. This little machine has been very good but I miss my feather weight!
Hubby is working on her and if I can keep him from tightening the screws to tight maybe I will be able to clean her out good.

Got to go save my baby from muscles!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Addie's quilt.

Hi friends!
I now have enough blocks to put together for her quilt.
Debating on a small border because it will then be 95 inches but going to sew it together first because they will take up some.
Maybe I can get that done tomorrow before I go back on Kim's quilt. Then I will start a quilt for either Tatum or Mark because that's my next two grand's to make one for and I hope before Christmas to get Allison's and Jarod's quilt made to.
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Addie's Quilt

Hi friends!
I have three sewed together, but just in rows , haven't joined the rows together yet because I want to work with the placement.
The top row is just finished blocks laid out.
It's getting really big , haven't decided if I want two more rows are one with a small border.
Their is plenty of fall on both sides so I don't really need a border.
I may just add one for the top and one for the bottom, that would make a really big queen.
This is just some of the pinks that are in it.
Have a good one

Monday, August 7, 2017

Here Today

Hi friends!
Their is something wrong with this block! It gets smaller on the top so back to the drawing board or seam ripper!
After much fooling with it I have this.
Still needs a little work and then I will get another block ready. It's hard to get a square block when you don't have any thing that big and a sewing machine is sitting on the top of your cutting mat.
I shall move the sewing machine.
Like my new to me sewing machine.
She sews the best stitch's to.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kim's Quilt

Hi friends!
Cutting two inch squares for Kim's quilt.
Using two and a half squares of white.
Going to make four strips to go around each block with lots of colors. Of course I will just make four for the first block after that I will join to this.
 Liking this a lot!
And use up a lot of scraps doing it.
Want to spend today playing!
Maybe I will make inroads in this quilt.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back to Kim's Quilt

Hi friends!
I finished up another row last week and then changed over to Kim's quilt.
I had worried and messed with different ways to put the blocks together because the picture shows one block but the quilt is  folded so that's all you can  really see.
I was reading blogs and came across a quilt , I know not where, that I loved the way they had the blocks finished so I thought I would try that. I squared up one block and started making these.
That was as far as I got because I had only sewed about 15 minutes in the last four days.
Friday night we had my brother , his wife and my sis over because Tommy and brother both had birthdays in July.
And Sunday all His girls came over for his birthday dinner and we spent yesterday with his sister.
So I really miss, miss sewing!