Monday, August 7, 2017

Here Today

Hi friends!
Their is something wrong with this block! It gets smaller on the top so back to the drawing board or seam ripper!
After much fooling with it I have this.
Still needs a little work and then I will get another block ready. It's hard to get a square block when you don't have any thing that big and a sewing machine is sitting on the top of your cutting mat.
I shall move the sewing machine.
Like my new to me sewing machine.
She sews the best stitch's to.


  1. I hear ya about squaring up really big blocks. I actually bought a huge square ruler. I think it is like 25 x 25. Like what you were trying to do to the block though. Gorgeous machine, she is a model 15 clone but they are little work horses.

  2. cute little machine. hate it when blocks dont behave. thats when mine go in time out in the box outta sight outta mind lol