Monday, October 13, 2014

Christmas quilt

Hi friends!
Storms are coming !!!
I just love this block!
It measures 17 by 17 inches.
I haven't made any more blocks because of company.  But hope to get busy to do some more.
I don't know whether i will just sew them together or add something else.
I am leaning toward just sewing them together. I told you all that my sis bought me all the fabric a couple of years ago to make me one like hers but i wanted to make  the one in the header first and had been buying fabric for it.
I don't know who came up with this pattern but it's in all the old quilt books that i have bought .
It's called a window block.  I haven't seen any one else using this block in a Christmas quilt before.
I also want to make a card trick block  quilt one day and several others are on my wish list
They are all old patterns.
Have a wonderful day friends.

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