Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Quilt

Hi friends!
I had hoped i could use up the extra blocks i made for my good night irene quilt but didn't really like this one.
I made up some 2 1/2 inch squares into 16 patch blocks and made them into these! I like these.
No wonder i have so many extra blocks laying around.
This quilt will be a lap quilt for another Aunt , one that has fought cancer and won!
My third one , the next quilt after this one will go to a Aunt that has health problems.
Next time we go to town i will call my Aunt Jo and see if she is at home.
So i can deliver this quilt.
I didn't have the right number for her  then but we went by there and she wasn't at home the other day. Her daughter is on facebook with me and she sent me her number.
Its is cloudy today , has been since last Sat. and it's is making me not want to do any thing.
Just have to make my self!
Just want to seat and read.
Have a good one


  1. Sweet blocks. You make blocks, I make block parts. We have had gorgeous weather.

  2. we have had gorgeous weather too. in 70s. whoda thunk? make bags out of your unwanted blocks. thats what I do.