Friday, November 6, 2015

Stars Quilt

Hi friends!
I now have six of these pretty stars.
You know i love making stars, put at least one in each of my grand kids Quilts.
I had to buy some white today to last me until Missiour Star gets my order to me. Hopefully by the first of the week.
I am going to make some more because i will need at least 12 maybe 16!  I really haven't measured them yet.
It will be a large lap quilt.
I have always wanted to make a all stars quilt so maybe this will be it.
It's for my Aunt that battled breast cancer at age 85 and will be 90 her next birthday, cancer free.
When i get finished i will mail it to her and warn her daughter that it's on it's way.
Have a good one


  1. HI! Barb, I also love stars and have made a star quilt which is waiting to be quilted. I love your colourful centres in the star.