Monday, November 16, 2015

Two Rows

Hi friends!
I laid them out to see if i thought it would be the size i wanted.
With white running between each block so it looks like the star's are floating i think it will be just right.
The first row!
All i got done this weekend was these two rows, we had a lot of company Sat. so didn't get a whole lot of Christmas sewing done either.
Alisha spent the night with us Sat. might, we were going to sew but had company instead.
She met Clair and Lola and the next time they come over they will be looking for her!
She had them wriped around her finger by the time they left.
Clair wanted to spend the night so she could stay with Alisha.
Alisha is our baby grand daughter. I didn't get any pictures because i had put my camera some where and didn't find it until Sunday afternoon.
Her mother is my daughter.
Have a great one friends.