Friday, March 25, 2016

Trying to Find a Border

Hi friends!
This looks OK next to the grey but it doesn't go with the blocks that much! In this picture it kinds looks Ok.
I think i will have to buy some thing to finish ! On the Internet it's hard to find just the right fabric to match because some times the colors are different when you get them.

I tried to find some thing else from the stash but i don't have a thing.
That is the best i could find.
I will keep looking!
Have a great Easter weekend


  1. because it it scrappy, how about a border of scraps? like strips or squares
    then you could use up some of the same scraps to tie it into the center? I know I hate when you cant find it in the stash.

  2. Dawn's idea is great. I think that Bonnie and Camille Vintage picnic has some prints with the greens, reds, and yellows that would look fabulous with that gray and your blocks. Also Dawn's idea is great too.

  3. Also I saw some Moda Zen Chic a line called Flow that has lots of colors that would look great too.