Monday, March 14, 2016

Next to the last block!

Hi friends!
This block is called "Austin"
After i made that block i laid them out to see how many more i need, just had one hole so i am getting  close to a top.
Maybe i will get it put together this week.  I am debating on what to use between each block! I have some grey and some white. and solid red. I may lay it out with them to see how it would look. I bought the gray for this purpose a while back.
Sis and I went to a small quilt show Sat. here is a picture of  a few.
Some amazing quilts and most of them hand quilted. I saw friends that i worked with for years but didn't know that they  quilted. Of course i have just been doing it for close to 5 years and hadn't worked there since 1994.
That dress quilt.far left, had loose arms sewed down on both ends and the top of the  skirt was open and lose over the under skirt.
I had gone to a show in another close town but they only person that talked to me was my niece and her mother so this was a peasant surprise. I did miss Freda that i wonted to see , she had come earlier
Until Wednesday!
Have a good one


  1. love that block too. isnt it fun to make different blocks and see how they play together?

  2. Looking forward to seeing it all put together.