Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quilt Top!

Hi friends!
That's the last one of the sashings and squares.
I didn't think it would look right with the blue right next to the blocks so i use a little over one inch border of the red.
Looks O K .
Then i did a 2 inch border of the blue.
Now i need to find backing for it so i can sandwich it.
I will look to see if i have anything that would work with it and enough of it !
Most of mine are smaller cuts than what you need to use for backing.
Have a Good one


  1. The edging using the fabric in the squares looks amazing.

  2. I agree it looks amazing. You finish a quilt it took me 2 days to get one block cut out.

  3. It's been fun watching this quilt come together. Those borders look wonderful!! Remember, there is no rule that says the back has to be all one fabric. It's become quite popular to just piece together two or three different fabrics for backs these days. Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation does that quite a bit.