Monday, August 8, 2016

For My Friend quilt

Hi friends!
Over the weekend i laid out the four i put together plus the three i had made this weekend to see what more i needed,
I love this secondary pattern.
I think 5 more blocks would do it and right now i have two more sets of the block that makes one block made just need 3 more and finish making them and putting them all together.
It takes a while to make each block! So many pieces!
Each one is a pain to make and it takes 4 for one block.
I have put white from "one nut and many bolts" and some Hancock fabric that they wouldn't let me buy but 2 yards and now i am adding these to the mix.
It makes it easier to make the hard part of the small block. You still have to trim them but still saves some time.
I am enjoying making these !

1 comment:

  1. Your blocks are great and I love the secondary pattern you created.