Monday, August 22, 2016


Hi friends!
I got this sandwiched on Sat.
I need to iron it today.
It didn't take long and when i finished Sis came over to stay a while so i didn't do any thing else. Didn't sew yesterday either.
That's why i need to sew today!
I should have finished this yesterday but just sat around and read.
I finished one of the "bones" books . Two more to read, sis brought over 4 hard back books that so far are some i hadn't read.
If Hubby goes out to cut grass i an going to do a deep clean to the living room. Move every thing and sweep and mop under it
Then tomorrow i start putting .up tomato's , they are so small right now hubby calls them "hickory nuts"
It takes forever to work up those litt6le maters!
Have a good day

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