Friday, January 13, 2017

It's better!

Hi friends!
Last night I finally got time to work on my quilting machine. Then I made me a small quilt from folding muslin over a piece of battening and pinning it.
I would do something to it and sew a little till I finally got it to do right. Just hope its still in that frame of mind today and I get time to do some work on that quilt.
I had cleaned and oiled it when I finished all those quilts before Christmas so maybe it was just tired! I did 5 last month.
I rethreaded, changed the needle cleaned the tension on the top and then re-cleaned it.
Don't know how I missed a wad of fuss and some thread hung in the machine .
Maybe it's happier now!
Have a good one


  1. Of course it's happier, it is working again! Mine is sitting in Paula's garage still. But I am getting closer!

  2. good o know the machine is behaving abgain, interesting what you are doing now, does it mean it will have sort of pleats on it, rather like Jenie Rayment does?