Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Progress on Addie's Quilt

Hi friends!
These are addictive!
Fine down so i did another last night.
I am just loving this quilt! Addie is a good color picker outer.
Maybe i should let her do all my picking out from now on.
I hate to say this but pretty soon Tatum will be going to College [ i can't believe that she is that old and i hate she will be so far away] but when she gets to her dorm room she will send me the colors for her quilt. So i can make her one. By then i should have the ones i am working on finished! I hope!
Have a good one


  1. I like the pattern I was looking at a similar one for a scrappy idea I have......

  2. this is another example of something I probably wouldn't have put together.....but love the way it looks!