Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hi friends!
Nice size for a quilt , i love this quilt more every day!
The battening in this quilt is cotton.  I just use cotton  on a few quilt's because poly is warmer and i want to keep my grand kids warm!
But i will only use this quilt for the Christmas season , maybe it will be warm enough.
I got it sandwiched yesterday, boy that hurts, bending over a table that long is rough on the 'old' back.
Then i put it on the bed, turn it over and unpin here and there to get any wrinkles out.
I tried pinning one in the floor once, i was sore for weeks!!!  And it was the first quilt i made , a small couch quilt.
Like i said ' i just love this quilt'
Have a great day friends.

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