Monday, June 9, 2014


 Hi friends!
Rainy day!
I didn't think it was wide enough so i added 5 inches on each side for a border and 3 inches on the top and bottom.
I had bought a queen sized sheet to do the backing but  when i sandwiched it it just didn't quite make it all the way!
I sandwiched 80& of it and now i am looking for scraps to add to  the backing to complete it.
It's a nice big quilt!
Maybe i will have a Friday finish for this week to.
I am going to use what i can find of the fabric that is in this quilt top for the backing up one side.
I put nearly 5 yards of white in it , bought 3 yards to start and then bought another 3 yards of a white  not like the first white  because you can never find the same one.
Tried to mix it in so it would hopefully look alright.
Used one yard of brown and several yards of different colors.  One yard of cowboys witch was all i could get in a esty shop but i loved it and wanted it for her quilt because she is a cowgirl and rides in Rodeo's.
Hopefully by thw weekend i can call her and tell her to come and get it.
Have a great day friends.

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