Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dresden Quilt

Hi friends!
I added borders on both sides of The Dresden quilt.  That should make it fall about right.
I like my quilts to hang off the side a good 12 inches so you can use them as bedspreads.
That is about right!
I added a small border on the top and bottom. and quilted all of them and sewed my binding down.
Binding was easy because i only had enough for it out of one fabric.
The small Santa's
It takes a lot of fabric for a guilt this size.  I have probley used 12 yards in the top and a king sized cotton batten which cost more than poly.   And Sis gave me a lot of muslin so i used that for backing.
if i didn't have that i would have used a sheet for about 15 dollars at Walmart.
Have a great day friends.

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