Monday, March 9, 2015

Disappearing Hour glass or envelope quilt block

Hi friends!
You can see i need 6 more and then six down the side , which comes to 12 blocks all total to finish the quilt top.
I have been scraping up every bit of my fabric trying to get them all cut out.
This is the six envelope blocks that will finish up the top part but not the side.
I have another 6 cut out but have done nothing to them.
But at least i have them cut up!!!!  With another line down the side and a small border all around it should be plenty big enough.
I need to buy battening and backing for it but that is still a few days away.
Have a wonderful day friends.


  1. Looks gorgeous. You are getting a lot done.

  2. What a beautiful quilt top! Absolutely lovely!