Monday, March 16, 2015


Hi friends!
I think i got 5 or 6 blocks put together last week, what with trying to get my computer back the way i want it after the e-mail hacking last week.
Maybe i will complete the rest this week and start trimming each block.  Most are over 14 inches so i am hopeful they will trim up good.
After yesterday's trip across state to see our grand daughter in a play we are  wore out and just plan on resting today!
That's what old age does to you, today we are sore and hurting but so blessed to still be here.
My daughter's picture was on stage on the set that was "Harvard" and Chris built some sets for it. They get parents involved in every way , Chris and Amy saw it to many times to count so they were tired to.
Have a great one friends.

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