Friday, August 14, 2015

Lola's quilt

Hi friends!
 I found this owl fabric that want clash with the green.
I added three inches onto the sides and two on the top and bottom. I have worried about what to do with the horses for weeks but decided to paint their mane's on because two year old girls could pull off any thing else that i used.
This is the first coast of paint but i will add to it , hopefully to make them more real looking.
Not the greatest job of painting but It is looking more like a horse. When she saw the quilt top she called them dogs!
I tried to work on some sweats of Hubby's with my Euro sewing machine and it wouldn't even stitch , don't know what happened to it.
You can't buy sweats around here this time of year.
We went to the sports store and found him one pair and he has some old ones.
Of course he want wear them after he heals.
But right now they feel good.

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  1. Don't you hate it when there is something you need and you are "off season"? How about pajama pants they may be comfortable for him. Like the owls