Friday, November 18, 2016

Next Quilt

Hi friends!
Looking for some thing different to make my daughter a Christmas quilt.
This block right now is 14 by 13 1/2 . I would even them out before I add them.  I didn't want to do another falling charm and I have looked and looked and nothing popped out and said "make me".
Colette sent me a Christmas charm pack last year and I bought another one for just this purpose.
Just got the red this morning in the mail to go with it.
I am going to look at it this weekend and see if that's the way I want to go with it.
Do you ever do that?
Have a good one


  1. Yep sometimes it is hard to figure out just what to do.

  2. this will look so christmassy with the charm pack knowing you you are not making it for Xmas 2017 but for this year best of luck but member you need to sleep sometimes!