Thursday, December 8, 2016

Another Table Topper

Hi friends! I made me a Christmas table runner.
Like the one Dawn's friend or either Dawn made it. Any way it was on her blog. She had a cut out Christmas tree sitting on it. I really liked it!
So I made me one as close as I could get to it.
I just kinda laid it on my table because I have my sewing machine and a couple of quilts and other things on it to and I was to lazy to move it just to take a picture.
Have a good one


  1. I am liking this tale toppers are a good item to sew when a break from a large project is needed. I have just acquired a very large office type chair with a high back, use it at the sewing machine cabinet but it is so very cold to sit on plan is to make a runner for that just a plan at the moment!