Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Hi friends!
Working on making this into pillows.
I made a pillow to see how it would look, made it 13 by 17 but it  measured 13 by 19 but it works for what I needed it for. Of course the seam takes up some.
They are not going to be large pillows.
More like travelers pillows, I will text Abby and find out of she wants me to do it different.
They are going to be great pillows but just small. Of course if her men are like her Daddy a big one would just end up in the floor.


  1. Are those panels kind of like needlepoint?

  2. I like the idea of unusual sized pillows they can look lovely on display,chuckled re pillows on the floor, I used to have some on my bed but moved them downstairs onto the couches which I never sit on so I do not have throw them on thr floor anymore.