Friday, March 3, 2017


Hi friends!
All eight are finished!
May give them to her this weekend.
This was the last one, finished it last night.
I hope she likes them.
I started my next quilt last night!
First row of a king sized tumbler.
Lots more cutting to be done to get enough of these babies to make a king sized quilt.
My tote full of light's and dark's, wish it was a deep tote but it's not so I will have to do a ton of cutting this next few weeks.
I cut a few last night and did that row.
Have a great weekend


  1. Great job finishing the pillows. You are making another large tumbler quilt? I am still working on my tiny tumbler quilt.

  2. good job on the pillows. large tumbler quilts are so cool. I m working on my small one too Colette. in between the other projects it is on the table for leader enders