Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dresden plate

Hi friends!
Another rainy day!
I made another block!
These take time because you sew the dresden plate together , then you sew them to a block of white and you sew the circle into the middle and then you sew all the 2 1/2 inch blocks into strips long enough to go all the way around.
 This is going to be one big quilt.  See how long it hangs over on a queen sized bed, by the time i add a border it will be a whooper.
I made that one on the top and i have the one i though looked to big done for  on my next row.  One more and i will have another row.  This quilt just has three rows because it's so big.
I will add a small border , i think.  I have some fabric that i want to add but it may not be big enough!
I will see when i get there.
Have a great day friends!

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