Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finished Block

Hi friends!
Nasty day!
I finished my third block, It's is beautiful,
I think the more i do the better they look! I know they are easier to do the more i make.
Three down and three more to go!
This will be my next block, dark pink and blue dots.
I am doing these blocks out of my stash and this is all i liked with it.
I have a lot but you need something to go with the main fabric that want clash with it.
I can't wait to get started with it but not going to until Saturday.
Have a great day friends and new followers


  1. I like your version!!! Very nice!!
    I'm absolutely shocked at the size of the blocks :) I don't think the blog readers realize how big they actually are. I should take a picture with a standard 12.5 inch block and post it on instagram and my blog :)

    Keep on plugging away! I hope to have all 9 finished by Sunday!

  2. Looking good. Your center star is different from my version. Looks nice.