Sunday, February 16, 2014

Swoon block

Hi friends!
The weather is so much better.
I took this block that i made last week and turned it into this one.
Would you believe i still have another round of squares left to make this a finished block?
I think i am going to end up with a low volume quilt!!!
i am loving this fabric it's 'Hope Cove' by Robyn Pandolph.  I won it last year from Kristen On Meadowbrook [not to be confused with meadowbrookefarm]. I won 31 fat quarter's and a lot of rulers from her. But as i said this fabric is beautiful
  The most fabric i have ever won!!!!!!
I have been just 'petting' it up until now
It will make a beautiful 'swoon' quilt.
I have no idea what i will use with it in my next block.  When i get the last rows on i will come back and show you and by then maybe i will have picked out my next block's fabric.
Have a grteat day friends and new followers.

1 comment:

  1. Nice block. I have a swoon on my agenda for 2014.