Friday, April 3, 2015

Getting ready for Easter.

Hi friends!
This is where we left it on Wednesday!
I had decided to add another row!
I started finding scraps of these fabric and just barely had enough to make the 6 more blocks that i needed with out cutting into  the border fabric.
 This is the 5 more blocks after cutting one now i have to find some white to make the other half!
I want get to work on it this weekend because we are having a big dinner and Easter egg hunt here on Sunday.
I will be cleaning and cooking. Thank goodness it's suppose to not rain.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend friends.


  1. I have to ask - how big is the Dresden Plate in your header photo? That looks awesome!

  2. Enjoy your Easter, I need to get to work on eggs, that reminds me.

  3. Have a Happy Easter Babs. We may be having our grandson born on Easter. Mom went to hospital other day and they said it is possible for an Easter baby. getting excited!!!!!